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Burning question! Can someone please explain... :::SPOILERS:::

I saw this movie for the first time last week. I'm already scared s*** of spiders...which is exactly why I watched this. I love the fact that, unlike 'Arachnaphobia,' this movie didn't have a nice, cozy, happy ending. Anywho, my question is...

From what I understand, the spiders began eating animals and people because pesticides killed their food source (other insects.) Why/how did the spiders survive the pesticides?

Thanks in advance.

*beep* you and your pomme frites."


They, obviously, adapted to their environment by becoming immune to the pesticides while also upping the toxicity of their venom to take down larger prey so they could survive.



Generally... predators usually tolerate poisons/pesticides more because they are usually not the target. And generally, as you go up the food chain, the toxins build up in the predators. You see this a lot in marine mammals and fish: Seals, Polar Bears, large sharks, baracudas, etc, etc, etc.. can be highly toxic if consumed, due the the smaller fish/animals they eat that may have been exposed to pollutants and toxins. It just builds up in their systems.

But spiders, who are generally the same size as the targe pests insects, in reality would most like be equally effected by pesticides. Raid kills spiders just as effectively as it kills ants, roaches, and wasps...


Thats it and they missed an opportunity here. After they became immune to the pesticides and their food sources dwindling, the spiders should have gotten bigger and also acquired the power of speech. This way the spiders could have talked to Shatner and his female doctor friend and explain the whole situation before they conquered the town