No sympathy

Did anyone else not feel all that sorry for Braddock? While it's true Moreau might have used him as a research subject in any case the guy seemed like such an intolerent jerk (critizing him at every turn, sleeping with his woman, barging in where he wasn't invited, not showing much appreciation for Moreau rescuing him and supporting him, etc.) that he pretty much got what he deserved.


Dude, Moreau's methods were devilish and coldly, dispassionately blasphemous not to mention they were straight out of the Third Reich; do you know anything about eugenics? Have you seen the movie Gattaca? Moreau was tampering with animal and human genomes in order to create transgenic chimeras and although he spoke of eliminating illness, deformities, etc... from the human species his experiments crossed moral and spiritual boundaries. York was justified in putting a stop to his work.


Blasphemy, spiritual boundaries devilish...

yep, 100 years ago Moreau was all this, because you know, Jezus and god and all that *beep* was still taken seriously.

but Today, you can't really use "it's unholy" as a sensible argument anymore.

He's alone on that Island, there's no one to claim ownership of the animals or the Island as far as we know, and he is not breaking any laws of the Island (since it's independent as far as we know), then this douchebag strands there, get's saved and then acts all high and mighty and morally superiour. Criticising you, banging your woman causing unrest.

And your third reich comparison is wrong since the book predates the reich, so if you want to compare the two, you have to say that the third reich is straight out of the book... And even that is a non argument these days easy to counter with: the entire space age comes from the third reich for instance, and Highways etc...

To summarize, yes, York was an *beep* and certainly not Justified, what makes his morals superiour?

Moreau should have shot him the moment he shouted: what in the name of GOD ....


I disagree. I thought Michael York was very sympathetic as Braddock and didn't deserve being used as a guinea pig for Moreau's cruel experiments.

"We're all part Shatner/And part James Dean/Part Warren Oates/And Steven McQueen"


Good call. I mean, WHO would deserve such treatment? And it isn't just the fact that Moreau experiments on him. It's the fact that after doing so he treats him so very inhumanely. He becomes the worst in the scenes taunting Braddock as he's been transformed. Yes, I felt very sorry for Braddock, and York was excellent.



The mark of a good story is that the characters are complicated - neither completely sympathetic nor completely reprehensible. Simple good vs evil is for Disney movies.

So, on one hand, we have a guy who gets rescued and acts like a jerk, effectively ruining his rescuer's life.

On the other hand, there's a guy torturing animals in the name of science. It isn't like no one is aware of this, it's called the House of Pain. Then he turns his sights on a human subject, attempts to turn him into an animal, and tries to feed him live rats.

Braddock might be an ass, but in my book torture is a little worse. That being said, some of the greatest medical achievements of our time came from animal research, which was certainly not comfortable for the subjects. It's complicated, I guess that's why I like it.