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Excellent psychological thriller movie...why the low rating?

I have just seen this film, and I found it excellent. Very interesting sci-fi/survival/adventure story which is built up masterfully, the tension and the mystery and the little clues in the beginning are very well made, and then when it explodes and all goes to chaos it really holds nothing back - I was surprised at how dark and well, brutal it got.

But it also posed some fascinating psychological questions about what makes a human, and what makes an animal. About the fine line that we believe we know. Were the creatures more human, or more animal? Did they develop souls in their more human-like states? Did they already have souls? I just love this kind of exploration, and the movie delivered, even without having that much time to expand too much on the questions it raised.

Heck of a "punch" of an ending too.

It deserves at least an 8/10, I have no idea why it has such a low score here.

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