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Annoying, even though dvd should be better quality.

Does anyone know if the vhs release shows the film in it's original aspect ratio, allegedly 1.75:1 , according to the spec' on this page.
The dvd is cropped to 4:3, according to Amazon (And an Amazon dvd reviewer)
If it's correct on the tape, I'd imagine there may be a black bar top and bottom.
Don't be fooled by the intro/credits though as that DOES appear to be made in widescreen, the picture then flicks to 4:3 just before the second shot of the policeman directing traffic-VERY STRANGE...........

I've taped this twice from BBC2 over the years and todays airing left the picture cropped on the top and bottom AND left hand side, compared to when I taped it about 2 years ago, which shown far more picture in the areas mentioned.