Possibly best in the series!!

These movies were great! The Love Bug was the first movie i can ever remember watching and it's stayed with me. I desperately want a VW for my first car but i'm not sure if they're very reliable these days lol. Anyway, this movie was great for Herbie. He was doing what he was meant to be doing...RACING!! I watched this movie over and over and would cheer everytime Herbie won lol. But yes saying that I still think the original film was the best but this one was also very good and super exciting when i was a kid!

Ayyyyy- The Fonz


I agree. Its great to see Herbie in races, and besides that, you get to see a lot of other cool cars from that time era.



Same here. Besides The Love Bug, this is easily the second best film in the whole series by far. Nothing can really beat the original film in terms of originality, but this is the only film besides the original that captures exactly what Herbie is about.

1) Fast race car driving!

2) Making couples with a love/hate relationship fall in love.

3) Defeating the film's antagonist in a race.

4) A comical sidekick of the driver's. Jim had Tennessee in the Love Bug and Wheelie in Monte Carlo.

5) Herbie's funny antics.

Grew up watching the Love Bug films and saw The Love Bug (on its repeat re-release in the late 70's) and Goes Bananas as a kid. And grew to love the VW Beetle as a result (no shame in saying that either) and was drawn to this film when i found out about it on VHS tapes back in the 80's. Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, is a great film and technically has a better race than the one seen in the Love Bug, especially Jim Vs Bruno in Monte Carlo towards the end.

This is the film Herbie Fully Loaded was trying in vain to be and failed. Hell i can't even watch that film because of the stupid and ill-advised choice of putting/forcing 'Lindsey Lohan' in that movie (ughh!) i'm sure Disney regrets that huge mistake now considering how she behaves in public and is always in the friggin press in such a negative light!

Only thing 'Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo' needs today is a DVD re-release with a 5.1 track and picture remastering! Hope Disney considers that for its Blu-Ray release one day though!


P.S. Some links to Herbie's popularity on youtube.

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Virtua Fighter 5-FS For X-Box360 Console Segahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETrdHIauxVs


I saw this film for the first time in January, 2013. I was pleasantly surprised by the great casting of the many supporting roles and the great multicultural flavor of this film. And, being shot in 1977, it had very modern cinematography qualities that were not in the previous Love Bug movies. I also enjoyed seeing actor Dean Jones playing Jim Douglas again, at the age of 46. He really looked his best in this film. I watched this movie on DVD and the digital restoration and color on this DVD version was superb.

It was a very refreshing film to watch.