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Does Gemser do the hardcore scenes?

or are they spliced in like many other exploit/xxx film cuts?

Its selling for a fair whack of money, but if Gemser is in the xxx scenes,
it might be worth my $$$.


White blooms to white and freezes white again.
Close it before something crawls in.


Neither Laura Gemser nor Sylvia Kristel ever did hardcore scenes.

(In fact, Gemser has said that she found even the softcore lesbian scenes very hard to do, and that she refused to do scenes that showed rape or sexual violence and therefore stand-ins were used).

Some of the entries in the Black Emanuelle series exist in stronger versions that include brief hardcore inserts, but they are unrelated spliced in material every time. Absurdly, the woman taking part in these scenes often has fair white skin- obviously, unlike Gemser!