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Gang rape scene, what was the point?

Maybe I missed something. So all these prominent Senators thought it would be fun to strip this woman and make her dance in front of homeless bums, leading to her being raped? I was somewhat disturbed by this scene and even more disturbed that at one point, while standing there naked, she kind of shrugs, laughs and starts dancing around in front of everybody before getting raped.

Women love bass players, but only the ones who know how to use their fingers.


This movie is genius! You can feel morally outraged at the sexual exploitation and degradation of women and get off on it at the same time! Yes, eminent distinguished senators enjoying the sight of an innocent young girl being raped by the bottom of the underclass is a perfect allegory for our vampiric rulers feeding off the misery of the common people while simultaneously touting all the good things they are doing for them. The girl nervously laughing about it beforehand is her acceptance that she has no choice in the matter because there is no sympathy that a piece of meat can appeal to.



Don’t bother trying to get into the brain of 1970s Italians.

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End scene comes out of nowhere too. It was really not needed.

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