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They don't make movies like these they.

I absolutely adore the opening scene and one day....some day...I'd like my significant other to recreate the wet T shirt look. Wink!
But what I notice about this film and about films made in tha era in general is how different the feel is compared to today's films. Now every film is made out to be an event and the monthly babe of the moment is a passing fad. Remember Bissett was 33 when this film came of a woman both physically and intellectually. She seems like a great companion. Nick Nolte was 36 and looked like a mature man of substance. I don't see such leads today. Mature, realistic and full of substance.

Then we have the look of the film. I may be in the minority here but I don't like High definition 1080p or 720p crap. I love the gritty grainy look that all the films in the 70s, 80s and even till the mid 90s possessed- that sunny, yellowish film tinge! Yes, they say digital is far better and almost every director is done with film stocks but boy were they something!

Then...the pacing. I am currently watching a show from the early 90s called Northern Exposure and I love the pace with which it evolves. Notice this among movies of the past...there weren't so many cut, cut, cut scenes. They flowed from one scene to another. Today's audience cannot sit through it before taking their mobile phones out and start typing. Many of my friends refuse to watch films made before 1995!!! These films, these shows(twin peaks, northern exposure) have something very endearing. Like a storybook you read as a young boy. As if you are there inside the frame. The characters feel real. They look real.

Say what you may of the plot but I think it is entertaining. Much more than the usual crap being churned out lately.



It was unofficially remade. Have you seen Into The Blue?

Was it a millionaire who said "Imagine no possessions"?


Um, you do realize that The Deep blu-ray is the best representation of how the film was intended to look? It's not like it wipes away that '70s look...


...I don't like High definition 1080p or 720p crap.

You should be quite happy then. Because most films today are far too dark! I'm always moaning about this on here. I totally agree with the rest of your post, as someone mentioned the Blu Ray is a really good transfer.

John Barry's lilting music was probably one of his best scores for a film.


I can't totally agree. In general you may have a point but there are exceptions.

For example some films do cast actors in their 30s (or even 40s) in lead roles (and ones where they aren't considered old), for example Amy Adams got cast in Man of Steel to play Louis Lane. Lena Headey is another example turning up in various movies. Of course it helps they are both great actresses and beautiful.

I'm with you on the looks, that's a fairly natural change though. I don't dislike the modern look, but I do find it refreshing when I watch older movies to get away from that for a bit.

As for the pacing, while Michael Bays baffling popularity confuses the hell out of me, I wouldn't assume that all modern movies are like his or that all movie goers are as you describe. I can think of two recent movies set (or partially set) at sea with a more natural flow "All is Lost" and "Unbroken". There are plenty of other movies too. They may not be box office gold, but they do well enough.

Finally I personally wouldn't put forward The Deep as the prime example of 70s movies. It's quite slow compared to a lot of movies of the period.

Don't get me wrong though, those things you've mentioned annoy me too, but they aren't all that is out there.

Twin Peaks is set to return to our TV's btw.

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