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golden globes and jaq bissett

Just watched her last night and even though she was drunk or on ludes or something but who really cares, she looked fantastic at age 69! face lift or not,
this is about as good looking a woman at that age that one could possibly find or even imagine.

But I was wondering if anybody remembers this about the deep. I know it stirred a controversy about the wet t shirt thing, but what I remember is in an interview I read back in high school in like time magazine in 77, she was very, very pissed off not that everybody was concentrating on the wet t shirt scene in the movie, but that "still" photo's were being published of her in the wet t shirt. She said she didn't care that she appeared that way in the actual movie, where she was in motion so to say, but that she just hated it that still photo's were being published. She was implying that these were photo's taken on the set, that were not supposed to be put out, but that somebody leaked them to the press. today of course anything in any movie is out there in photo's no matter what but back then it was different.

Which at the time I thought was kinda strange. She was perfectly ok with legions of males leering at her in the movie, but just hated it that they were leering at her in a still image in some magazine. Remember this was back in the day when you could not rent a movie and put it on pause. You went to the theatre, watched the movie, and that was it. then like 2 years later they would put it on tv, probably with the offending nipples blurred out. even years later when everybody bought their first VCR, if you put it on pause, it was all blurry and zonked out anyway. So in that way I can see her point. go ahead film me topless if you want, but I don't want anybody publishing still photo's of my boobs for men to leer at.

just a bit of unimportant trivia


She should guessed that would have happened, one way or another. It would have been smarter to have just hired her own photographer and sell the stills and lease the negatives. She would have likely made more in the long run.



Bisset was not angry

She was milking [pardon the pun] the T-shirt "scandale" for all it was worth

The whole T-shirt "controversy" vaulted this movie into a stratospheric hitsville

In another of the early scenes in a restaurant with Nolte, Bisset wears a white, clinging dinner dress where her nib knobs can also clearly be seen

The producers and director were definitely using her nibs as a major marketing tool. She's no dummy. She knew it.

The Deep "controversy" helped Bisset became a household name. Thereafter she was able to hand pick her roles and became a very wealthy woman

I did a temp job at an office in Century City who handled her financial affairs. I prepared documents with her portfolio of stock and real estate holdings and an estimated statement of her total net worth which was formidable for a single woman who earned her own cheddar

One day she came into the office to meet with her financial managers. I must say her beauty truly took one's breath away

Imagine my shock when a female I know -- very young at the time -- informed me she'd been at a party a few weeks prior where Jacqueline Bisset blatantly hit on her. She was very shocked as she was so young and considered JB simply too old for her

just a bit of unimportant trivia