T.V. movie ad

Could someone tell me, or direct me to, where I could find the original T.V poster ad for this film? I remember that it was a picture of a spider with 8 human female legs, a spider's abdomen, and a human female face attached to it's body. The ad appeared in T.V. Guide, originally.

This would be an awesome collectors item if I could find it.

Let me know.



The movie aired on September 16, 1977. I just did an ebay search and found the TV guide for this week. The ad is probably included in that issue...


Were you looking for the ad itself or the actual artwork used to create the ad?


I am looking for the advertisement artwork that was in the issue of the female head, legs, et al.



there is a new book at amazon.com called Television Fright Films of the 1970s that talks about this film.


Thanks. I will check out the book. I was hoping that there was a website that I could just download the ad.