About Nicola Blackman.


I remember seeing this movie in the U.S. on cable television and how bad it was. Since I was a young teenager, I was looking for some free titillation. I know I'm probably in the minority, but I was quite enamored of Blackbyrd, played by an actress named Nicola Blackman. I've tried to find out more about her, but I believe the info on IMDB.com is really about two different Nicola Blackmans. Anyone else know if the Nicola in "Confessions" is the same actress in "The Bounty!", "Killer Net," and other more recent TV and films? Thanks in advance.

Red Ranger



As far as I can find out, checking other sources like the BFI Database, there only seems to be one actress listed.

Incidentally, the only reason to watch these films is for some "free titillation!!


the only thing better than titillation is free titillation.lol.
they're not the sexiest ladies, a bit old , a bit cheap . small boobs don't do much for me.


Your not alone.. while I did enjoy almost all the females in the movie *even the warden's wife had a certain hotness to her I thought* I admit she too got my attention the most. right when I saw her I knew she would look amazing..

I was not disapointed in the least. She had an amazing body to her and I wish they had shown just a bit more of her in the movie overall.


You're not alone at all, she's really sexy. I loved the encounter scenes with her in this. The first one where Tommy meets her is funny, and the second and third where she comes to his cabin are even better. She sure looked sexy in that green dress, but even better out of it. Ditto the blue one in the later visit.


Her as well.

I wonder what her real voice was like. According to the IMDB credits, her voice was dubbed by someone named Miriam Margoyles and the voice they giver doesn't really seem to fit at all.