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Why do people so easily dismiss the possibility of aliens?

So many people I've known in the past and present seem to divert their attention or completely dismiss the subject when the idea of UFOs or aliens is brought up. I've seen a UFO myself on the job and I only brought it up to one supervisor. When I mentioned it, I was met with silence. Friends of mine say they think UFO specials on the History Channel are rubbish and some of them thought the last Indiana Jones movie was stupid just because it involved the idea of aliens.


Because they think it's the product of science fiction. I find it hard to believe that in such a huge universe, ours is the only planet with life on it.
I do think most UFO sightings are BS

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The problem is that, even if life exists on other worlds, space is so vast, that it is nearly impossible to identify the planets that have life, and it is even more difficult to visit those planets, if we were able to identify them.

Even light from distant stars left those stars billions of years ago. So how would any life emanating from those worlds ever communicate with us?

In science fiction, they can get around it with worm holes and other scientifically dubious phenomena. They put their astronauts in stasis (Planet of the Apes) so that they can travel vast distances but not physically age much and have minimal need for life support)

So we are left with this. If life exists, what are the chances it is intelligent? What are the chances it is intelligent enough to traverse space. Even if they were able to traverse space - and if they were able to send ships to explore space, and they came across us (which is what I divine that you imply by seeing a UFO) - it would take many thousands more years before they could send other aliens to do whatever it is they they wanted to do by exploring here.

Now, I suppose you could decide that they are so intelligent that they have been able to disguise themselves from us. Perhaps they live among us without our knowledge (Outer Limits). Perhaps they live on a nearby planet and have erased all evidence of their civilization (so that we never try to visit them)

If they are not in our solar system, then they are extremely far away from us. They would have to be amazingly long-lived or have found a way to break the laws of physics so they could travel faster than the speed of light.



The problem with taking UFOs seriously is, they obviously don't want us to know they are here or they would just land in the middle of the day in DC, or Moscow, or wherever they figured out our leaders are. Instead they are spotted mostly at night flying around in ships lit up like Times Square. Turn off your damn lights already. Seriously the most logical and rational explanation against UFOs is the blinking Christmas tree analogy. Take Earth, age 5-6 billion years, yet civilized man has only existed for around 7000 years. That is one flash of light from our bulb on the tree. Now the known universe is around 13 billion years old, so say that each possible race of species has a bulb on the tree. Now without doing a ton of math let's say the whole history of the universe will be say 10 minutes on our Xmas tree. What is the chance that our bulb would flash for 1 second at the exact same time as another on the tree. You gotta figure each planet would have a similar history of evolution and the same short period of sentient peoples existance on their respective planet. Remember a lot of stars we see in the sky are already extinct by the time their light reaches us. The odds of us existing at the exact same moment in time as another planet are so remote as to not even compute. But even if a few light up with ours what then are the odds that one of them is at a time in thier history where they have discovered interplanetary travel, and if they have what odds that they find us? Then we can get into the Logistics of even travelling between stars...........The idea of us being the only intelligent life in the whole universe is absurd and arrogant, what a huge waste of space if that were the case. Just that even if there is life, the chance of us finding it is virtually zero. ET is not coming for a visit.


It's not a matter of aliens existing as I have no doubt that life exist in the cosmos it's a matter of scale and time. The universe is so vast and so old that the chances of 2 technology using species arising at the same time in the same area of space ( even a few systems away from one another ) as so vastly improbably it's almost virtually impossible mathematically.

If we ever get out into space and start to inhabit other systems I think we will find that plant, animal, and bacterial life is fairly common especially around worlds in the Goldilocks zone. However if we do find " intelligent " life it will most likely be in the form or ruins from a long dead civilisation or very early forms of intelligent life like we were as Neanderthals or Cro-Magons. It won't be like Star Trek where we will get out there and discover a dozen species on exactly the same technology level as our own, that simply won't happen.


I don't buy it.

Obviously, other intelligent life forms have existed on other planets, but they didn't know just how dangerous the horrible poison CO2 is.

I'm sure they all melted their planets to the core with global warming.

We are simply the first ones to figure out the evil that is CO2, hopefully soon enough to do something about it before we end up just like all the past intelligent civilizations on other planets.



I know the answer but you won't like it. People are generally dumb. They let society dictate the norm, they don't think for themselves.

You have to be some kind of brainwashed moron to believe at this stage in the game that UFOs and aliens do not exist.

Ask yourself this question and you'll find there is only 1 correct answer. Is it really logical to assume that EVERY single report of a UFO or aliens is false identification or a hoax? You have to understand that would mean that MILIIONS of people have all been lying. If even one of the reports turned out to be true, that's enough.

So if you are a betting man you would never bet against aliens, unless of course you have brain damage.


Lol I like the way you think.


So MILLIONS of people say they have honestly thought they've seen UFOs? I should have guessed there are that many daft punters walking about this Earth.
I liked everyone else's argument, then I ran across yours. I guess Brain Damage knows how to recognize Brain Damage.


Because space aliens in flying saucers don't exist.

You're either lying (likely), or you don't understand what it was you saw.