Slow, boring film

I only watched this film because Ray Milland was in it.

But boy, was it boring. Forget it.


I only checked it out for 2 reasons: Dalila DiLazzaro was in it, and the cover of the dvd made it look like a murder-mystery giallo.

Well, I got my first wish granted, but it failed abysmally on the second because this is definitely NOT a real giallo. It may start out that way, but by the halfway point it abandons the mystery aspect when it becomes apparent that the character DiLazzaro is playing is actually the murdered girl from the start and we're watching her life and what happened to her leading up to the crime.

Didn't hate it, but if you're looking for horror/mystery thrills and chills, this ain't a good one. The dubbing and musical score are pretty laughable, too.


You know....some day this war's gonna end!


Thought it was boring as hell. The real life case in which it was supposedly based took place in the 1930's but to say they used poetic license is an understatement. Only interesting for the presence of Ray Milland in the last ten years of his life.


incredible that a movie essentially about a slut crawls thru time so slowly