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Lessons learned from The Car

1. A 1970's police cruiser will explode in a giant fireball if you cause any damage to its roof.

2. When a mysterious black car, possibly without a driver, corners you in a dusty desert horse track, the best tactic is to grab a tree branch and call the driver a chicken *beep*

3. It's not a trumpet, it's a french horn.

4. If the sheriff tells you to cancel parade practice, you'd better listen.

5. Do as I say, not as I do.

6. If a mysterious car has you trapped in a canyon, be sure to chuck your motorcycle helmet at it.


7. Whenever you hear the car's motor in the distance and it is getting closer by all means remain standing and still in front of the picture window.

8. When a car goes through a living room window it will conveniently come out the other side and land right on a road (in the backyard?) so it can drive on.

9. While sometimes you can throw said (by the OP) tree branch and hit the car, sometimes it will just vanish into thin air.

10. When there is a killer car in the area never send the older sheriff across the street by himself.

11. Never smart off to a man who looks like R.G. Armstrong

12. A car that refuses to enter a cemetary should tell you something.

13. Always have two Indians on staff at the same time so if one lies to you about the translation of something an old woman said, the other will not cover for him.

14. Deputies in small, quiet desert towns with beautiful bosomy wives cannot help but be alcoholics.


15. Cursing at driverless black cars will always end up with you under their tires at some point.

16. Firefighters can fill in for the Police if the local cops suddenly are down in ranks.

17. Indian woman can see through dark tinted windows speeding by at night well enough to verify that there is no driver in said car.

18. If a car is trying to plow you off the road while on a bike, don't at any point try to stop or get out of it's way. Even if the car is right next to you and you're no longer in danger of being run down.

19. Being nudged by a pursuing car from directly behind while on a bike will somehow result in you being launched like a tennis ball off to the side and over a bridge instead of just falling backwards onto the hood.

20. Santa Ynez sure has a lot of cops for a small desert town.

21. Brolin's hair is too silky and smooth to muss up with a helmet.

22. During the two days that The Car visited Santa Ynez, the local ambulance and medical examiner had a lot of new business.


23. Never bring a woman home when you have two young daughters in the next bedroom.

24. You must wait until the very last, I repeat, the VERY LAST second to move out of the way to get a speeding car to fly off a cliff.

25. If a car door opens by itself by all means look more closely.

26. Wife beaters are the connection for plastic explosives.

27. If a car disappears right before your eyes by no means do nothing in the way of bringing in reinforcements.

28. Always leave a potential victim alone even if she is safe in her own home.


29. All police officers should inch slowly closer to peek in any car windows being rolled down especially when you cannot see what the driver is doing due to heavily tinted windows.

30. When there is a killer car in your town and the body count is going steadily up, and the car has shown an ability to jump through homes to get to its victims, it is a good idea to keep your two small daughters around because, well, just because.

31. The killer car can be terrorizing everyone including little children at the parade site, but you are still just going to look at that woman's big boobs.


29. When being pursued by a demonic car, the safest refuge will be hallowed ground like a cemetery or a church (any denomination should do).
29-a. Hey — Did anyone think to try holy water?


30. Even though the roadblocks you put up at both ends of town haven't done a thing to stop the Car, keep 'em up anyway. Even if you still have barely enough cops left on the force to help out with your canyon dynamite plans.

31. Hold on to your sheet music. It's expensive to replace.

32. Woman just don't know how to use high-tech audio equipment like CB radios without babbeling like panicky ditzes.

33. Satan driven cars don't need to stop for gas. Ever.


Seriously people, Do Not Taunt the car! It is extremley dangerous!
(make lemons all money goes to animal charity)


I don't have anything to add to this Thread. But thanks for the Laugh. I remember this movie from when I was a Kid havn't seen it in 30+ years.

This sonic transducer is I suppose some kind of audio-vibratory-physio-molecular transport device


34. Possessed cars are perfectly capable of opening, closing and locking garage doors.

35. If you ever find yourself in a garage with a possessed car, close and lock the door right next to you that you just came through, and try and get out the locked doors directly in front of said car.

36. If you're an old woman and you've spent the last few minutes trapped in a cemetery by a possessed car, yell Cat Poo at it as it drives off. That'll show it!

I'm rolling along like a train. Only Denzel can stop me now!


37. Demonic cars don't like brick posts.

38. Taunting and pissing off a demon is a sure fire way to get your significant others kids to like and accept you.

39. Three people to a motorcycle is actually pretty safe.

40. Everett would've probably made it up anyway.

41. Bertha was such a stupid bitch.

42. Amos is gonna have a drink with the boys, damn it!!!

43. Chas shoots arrows up peoples asses.

44. The boy on the bike wasn't in Ogden.

45. Doors are for pussies...real men drive through windows.

46. Despite being a wife beating, alcoholic, unpleasant douche, allowing use of your explosives grants instant redemption.

47. Being a bicyclist, police officer, cowboy, or a teacher in Santa Ynez has a high mortality rate.


48. Seeing two doors on a car means you can identify every small detail of said car...if you deny it, you're full of *beep*

49. Cursing a demon is "terrific!"

50. The children put in jeopardy and the murders of Wade's chick and coworkers are all Luke's fault.

51. Amos wasn't taking notes.

52. Demons love pulling donuts.

53. Everett was a Methodist.

54. The Car's weakness? Cliffs.

55. The Car swipped Wade's garage door opener on the sly.

56. Luke's shy in public.

57. Wade's dad wouldn't have had a choice in his chicks.


58. If there's a demonic car doing the rounds, no-one will notice you being flattened by a speeding horse.


59. Falling off a bridge will not mangle your body, or even untuck your shirt.

Oh ... hello, Buster. Here’s a candy bar. No, I’m withholding it. Look at me, “getting off.”


60. "Dragonbreath" is not a tern of endearment.



The best way to get away from a demonic car is to run/ride a bike/scramble around in the middle of a street or other wide open area where the car can more easily drive. See also Buddy Repperton in Christine.


A note about #59 - even though the kid had been dead, in the great outdoors for a day or two, did you notice how there was no decomposition at all? And didn't it seem that he landed pretty far out, as opposed to mostly straight down?


About #56 - after everything is over with, and you've buried your annoying not too bright girlfriend, (the one who calls a demon a chickensh*t), wouldn't you send Luke to some out of state rehab clinic and then comfort his wife (girlfriend??) with the awesome boobs??


You should always run in a straight line when being chased by a speeding car.

Open the door for Mr. Muckle!!


lol funny post
"I used to love her but I had to kill her"


The Car itself and Christine Hersalf are the only reasons I liked these movies. :-)


That this movie should be shown on Cable Television more often like the movie " Christine " - have both on back to back on channels like - ENCORE , SHOWTIME , RETROPLEX , or MAX .   

 


61. If you ever find that you have a French Horn shoved up your rear end, it's ok you will be able to fart music for a year!

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