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Star Wars in a small California Town (and 1977 too!)

What's amazing (besides how amazing this movie is) is that it's as good as Star Wars AND it came out the same year. What a bumper year 1977 was!! The story even somewhat parallels that of Star Wars: lot's of desert action (a la Tatooine); the town of Texas City California is the Death Star; all those trucks attacking in the end are the Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighters; the Judge is obviously the Emperor and Deputy Boles is Vader (his line in that final battle "Dawes you soooooonnnnnoooffffaaabbbiiitttch!" is definitely on a classic cinematic equal with Vader's "No, I am your faaaaaather!"); and, last but not least - it is so obvious that J.D. Dawes is a parallel of Luke Skywalker (he even has the same hair!) and his little brother is Princess Leia (he's even tied up and gagged in a barn - which can easily be seen as an homage to the Death Star's detention cell block) needing to be rescued (and after the rescue there's a moment - a looooong moment - in which they hug and you actually think they might get married later on). The judge even seems to have mind powers like those of Emperor Palpatine. All in all, an incredible fun romp in the dusty hills of Agoura, California (which still look the same today judging from what I saw last time I was out there).

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Haha, very well thought out! Good write up! :)