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Adding to the Black Emanuelle saga...

This film is generally considered to be a "faux" Emanuelle, but I think the new Severin DVD might change all that. Until now we've only had fuzzy, cropped VHS copies dubbed in English with Gemser's character being called "Laura." Seems in the Italian version, she's actually called Emanuelle and Annie Belle's character is called "Laure" not "Pia." (Which is cool, since she played the title character of "Laure" in a previous film.) Hmm, I wonder why early distributors would have the dialog changed to "Laura" but then slap the title "Emanuelle in Egypt" as the title.

Although this is very obviously a DIFFERENT Emanuelle, I think it should be given more official status, as it's really quite an interesting film.


I got the box, so i'll watch and let ou know. But even if she's called Emanuelle it seems it wouldn't be the Emanuelle we know from the best known in series: the reporter going undercover.

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