What a 70s movie

Not a bad film at all, but preachy and obvious in that earnest 70s way. I grew up in the 60s and 70s so I should know -- the 60s championed the counterculture and in the 70s the counterculture became the culture, so everyone had to be a revolutionary, everyone had to buck the system.

The system gets bucked in some glaringly obvious ways in this picture. In fact, it can be a little cringe-inducing to watch what we cheered for all those years ago. Now it just seems forced and a little sad.

I also remember the sarcasm. Everyone had to be a smartaleck in the 70s! A wiseguy with something snide to say. That is also what we looked up to. I guess it was the cynicism of the period, when you didn't believe in anything except corruption. That's what Watergate, Vietnam and, later, Three Mile Island and Love Canal did to us.

And while we are at it, get a load of the way women are portrayed and treated! And with a woman as director no less. It's amazing how differently women were treated in those days. Anyone who thinks attitudes about women haven't come a long way -- just watch this movie, about supposedly hip, progressive people.

All that said, it really takes me back. I was 15 when it came out. Where did the time go?


What was wrong with how women were portrayed in this? There were all different kinds. Same as the men.