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Anyone want this on DVD? Sign this petition.

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We the undersigned request that the company with distribution rights to ALEXANDER: THE OTHER SIDE OF DAWN please make every effort to release this title to commerical DVD at once! (Same goes for DAWN: PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE RUNAWAY -- heck, why not a boxed-set of the two features??? That would be ideal!)

I've got my wallet out and I'm waving a $20 bill in the air...bring on the DVDs already!

Thanks for listening.

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This film is currently available as a dollar disc on a doublebill with "Silence of the Heart." The print quality is pretty bad, but I bought it for just a lousy buck at a local supermarket.

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signing petition

would love both of those features on dvd



It would be nice to have these movies: 'Dawn, portrait of a teenage runaway' and 'Alexander, the other side of Dawn'. together on one disk set before they just fade away and die. That of course goes for many of the made for TV movies of the 1970's.