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I just watched this after seeing the 1st Dawn movie

If you G00gle "cult rare videos" you can find fr33 copy to watch.

My review:

Ok I am a straight man, but it felt like I was watching PG rated Gay-soft-pr0n movie. It reminded me of the "scare films" they use to show us back in middle school in the 80's. I really enjoyed the horrid acting in the first Dawn movie. This movie has the same horrible acting but the editing is much much worse. Scenes kept jumping around and I found myself confused if the kid was home or still a run away. Eve Plumb is barely in this and how the plot line of the kid earning money as a straight make prostitute is ridiculous. I don't even remember how it ends. I may try it again just to find out how it ends.

I love's "Recommendations" that appears at the bottom of the page.


I was around in the 70s when these movies first aired. If the acting was as horrible as you described I never would have watched them. The acting was good in my opinion.