Also of interest: Nasty Habits

I loved the series, especially Robert Vaughan as his oiliest villainous best. I particularly enjoyed seeing a bunch of well-known Hollywood liberals having the well-deserved times of their lives hamming it up and sticking it to their political enemies.

Those who enjoyed this series and aren't familiar with the 1977 film Nasty Habits might want to look the latter up--based on Muriel Sparks's novel The Abbess of Crewe, it could be best described as "Watergate with Nuns," with Glenda Jackson as a stand-in for Richard Nixon, Melina Mercouri as a globe-trotting Henry Kissinger, Sandy Dennis as John Dean, and an all-star cast of Hollywood liberals as stand-ins for identifiable Watergate characters.

I actually laughed out loud at Glenda Jackson's "You gentlemen of the press won't have Sister Alexandra to kick around any more," and "We could get the money--that wouldn't be a problem, but [leaning closer to the statuette of the Infant of Prague, which contains the hidden microphone] it would be wrong!"