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Almost the gayest show in television

Second only to the Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

I don't dispute the fact that every show made today is worthy of being flushed down the toilet. But this cheesy show should go right along with them. The 50s doo wop was nothing more than greasy headed homos wearing nerdy pants that were too short. People can collectively legitimize trends and fashion all they want. But popular culture is nothing more than a cancerous brainwashing of the masses. Foolish people everywhere will follow anything rotten. Shows like this one are not what should really be considered good at all. Those guys stood up on that stage in self glory. The real glory goes to modest nobodies who work real jobs for a living sacrificing and living a humble life in the shadows. The spotlight is an abomination to all that is decent. Sha Na Na made me want a vomit bag.