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THIS is the Roots that will always be the classic-- couldn't watch ...

..... More than about seven minutes of this new one. The miniseries back then truly was groundbreaking and truly made white people see what it was like from the slaves point of view. But in that one, there were SOME white owners that treated them decently and of course some that were brutal (Chuck Conners!!) But I could tell from the previews and that little segment I watched tonight there will be absolutely no white people that are shown as anything but devils. African-Americans, you're blowing it. Original Roots DID cause some white guilt but the way you all been acting the last 20 years wanting more and more and more and no matter what you get it's not enough and black on white racism is very much more common now than the other way around. Personally me & many of my friends that I went to school with seriously were not racist in grade school, high school or our 20s but all the years now of AA's getting so many free government things, the rampant attitude that all blacks are better than any whites and their overall ARROGANCE has pushed people who were not racist to the point where they see nothing will please the blacks no matter how much society goes out of its way to "assuage 'white guilt' ". At this point it's obvious African-Americans will not be happy until white people are their slaves for hundred years and if people are truly honest with themselves both races would admit that that is true.

I'm sorry if the truth offends you - Rhett Butler


I agree. I don't see any improvements over the original at all.

This was simply better.


this turned racist quickly