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Why didn't Kunta's father and the other men go after them?

They could have sailed after them. Or, they could have tried to rescue the slaves before they left on the ship. Why didn't any Africa countries go to war with the United States over slavery?


Guns. The Africans didn't have any, nor the knowledge to forge metal or produce complicated castings such as such ordinance would require. They also didn't have ships capable of sailing too far from the continent, certainly not to America, nor the knowledge to construct them. I'm sure they did what they could, but charging down guns with spears wasn't going to change anything at that point.

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They would have been taken as well.


his father and teacher taught to fight and the father gave up so did the other fathers Oj did try to save Farra

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The Africans traded other Africans to the slave traders for barrels of rum and shiny objects. Human flesh was the only African currency with which to trade. People were not hunted down and kidnapped to be slaves. They were bought and paid for. Very unfortunate circumstances.


People were not hunted down and kidnapped to be slaves

Yes they were.

They were bought and paid for

Yes, they were.

People were enslaved in Africa for a variety of reasons. East Africans were traded to other Africans and Arabs as slaves LONG before Europeans began trading in slaves for the American colonies. It was a savage culture, much like the rest of the world, only moreso. Their people were valuable to others as slaves, and the market was born.

In reponse to the OP, because there was NOTHING they could have done. Slavery was desirable in Africa because the vast majority of the people there could not defend themselves against people with guns, ships, cannon, horses, armor, money, and organization. If the Africans (who were not unified at all, but of a tribal culture) had the ability to wage war on a European scale, the Europeans would have gone elsewhere to obtain labor.


A mirror, colorful beads, rum, itchy cloth could buy you some strong Africans!

The white man had guns and cannons. Africans did not have them.


I think other posters have given a good explanation about how slavery was a huge business in Africa. With regards to Kunta's father and his men, you're right. Given his importance and rank in the tribe, they would have gone after him. In fact, that's probably what they would have done - if Haley's ancestor was the Kunta Kinte identified in Gambia by Haley. One of the many holes in Haley's book used to demolish its credibility is its characterization of Kunta Kinte as a nobleman kidnapped out of nowhere and sold into slavery. I don't mean to say it didn't happen but usually people of Kinte's lineage would never have been touched or there would have been hell to pay. Slaves wouldn't have been sold, wars would have been fought, slavers would have lost business. The reality is someone of Kunta Kinte's status would never have been captured and sold away like that except illegally. Alex Haley's African ancestor was probably not the same Kunta Kinte and probably wasn't kidnapped like that but rather captured in a war or a slave in Africa who was sold to foreign slave traders who took him across the ocean to North America. He wasn't of the kind of status that Kunta Kinte enjoyed and one where his wealthy parents would have gone after him. That they didn't shows the reality of Haley's African ancestor.


Sailed? in what a reed raft? Those idiots would be rock fish two feet from shore.


They could have sailed after them. Or, they could have tried to rescue the slaves before they left on the ship.

What if the slavers had gone slave hunting in Australia or Indonesia or Polynesian islands, instead of in Africa? Do you suppose that the indigenous peoples of those places and in that era would have had any better luck in resisting / retaliating against plunderers who were armed with guns and cannons, than did African bushmen whose family members were being spirited away by the slavers?

Why didn't any Africa countries go to war with the United States over slavery?

Name me any African nation before the 20th Century that had the means and technology to wage intercontinental wars.

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