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Roots revisited

I watched Roots on TV when it was new, And now I watch it again online
Obviously it does not have same impact Nearly 40 years later.
A couple of questions though...
Kunta Kinte and his tribe is speaking english ?!
And he calls his father sir, seems fairly odd
And whats up with the manhood rites were the boys circumcised?
Isnt that tradition only for women in Africa?

See I'd like to share your point of view
As long as it's my view too


Kunta Kinte and his tribe is speaking english ?

Translation convention.

You are sin.


They spoke in English so the viewer can understand. They obviously are speaking their own language since they cant understand the white slavers or the other africans on the ship from different tribes.

Why is it odd? Many cultures speak to their parents in a formal way, its a respect thing.

Yes they were circumcised, many africans still practice circumcision to this day.