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Probably the best explanation of DID I've ever read

This is an exerpt from a book written by a long term sufferer of sexual abuse. In the first chapter she describes an event which I'm not going to post. She then explains how this affected her:

I automatically Multiple Personality Disordered. I was, of course, too young to logically understand that what my father was doing to me was wrong. I accepted his strangling sexual abuse as a normal and natural part of my home life, and split off a personality to deal with the pain and suffocation to satisfy his perversions. Therefore as a child, I was dissociative of my father’s abuse. I was totally unable to recall his sexual abuse, even in his presence, until 1 saw and felt his penis.

Then the terror, which was my conditioned response, triggered access to that part of my brain that previously endured the trauma, I was remembering the abuse and how to deal with it. This part of my brain developed into a personality of its own-which belonged to my father...

This is the most logical explanation of the multiple personality phenomena I've ever read.

This exerpt is part of the Cathy O'Brien story. More information about her can be found on YouTube. The link to her story, complete as an e-book online. Be warned, the story is gruesome and unbelievable.