This film is seriously underrated

6.7 seems not enough for me because this film is funny, intelligent and isnt boring for one minute even though its almost 2h long.

7.7 seven would be a rating that does the film more justice.


Forget about the rating - use your own judgement. A beautiful film, great service to the world of Sherlock Holmes. It really revived the character, when it came out.

My accountant says, "1 + 1, 40% of the time, equals divorce".


It's certainly better than I expected! I watched it on one of the HBO channels during the past couple of days. I've tried watching it before, but for some reason couldn't get past the initial psychoanalysis phase, even though I'm a big Alan Arkin fan.

This time when I watched it I laughed, I was on the edge of my seat because of the suspense with the tennis and train scenes. I wouldn't have guessed there would be good action scenes. PLUS I finally realized it was Sir Laurence Olivier I was looking at in some scenes. Don't know how I missed that before.

Mag, Darling, you're being a bore.