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Is this the film with the school bus?

Iv'e bee..n looking for a killer bee film from the (late?)'70's,and am not sure if this is it.I remember an American school bus,with bees trying to get in.the Kids & Teachers on the bus are trying to block the vents of the bus with sheets of (I think) card.Iv'e seen "The deadly swarm",and "The swarm",and these do not contain the scene I mention.

Can anybody help..?

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I think the film you're thinking of is the sequel to The Savage Bees. Titled Terror Out of the Sky. It's now available on dvd. There's a scene with a bee expert and some boy scouts on a school bus and the boy scouts use their shirts to block the vents on the bus to keep the bees from coming in but they almost run out of oxygen before help arrives..