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the little girl at the picnic

I remember this movie well, it was quite scary. One scene that has stuck with me in particular was a little black girl in a red party dress, possibly tooting a horn. She was on a picnic. You know as soon as they said they colors black and red attract the bees, she was toast. It was a very sad and scary scene. I wonder if that actress was in anything else.


The part that always stuck with me because it was scary, was when the couple dressed as pirates are killed. They were driving, if I remember correctly, to a diner after Mardi Gras. I think, I was really young when this first aired.

I do remember the little girl too. I thought it was kinda at sunset and she was in a field behind her house? I just remember her playing a horn. Later you see the horn on the ground covered in bees.


The little girl's name is Tiffany Chase and I went to school with her :-)

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