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Savage Bees clip from "In Search Of"

I've seen an episode of "In Search Of" about the Killer Bees, and they got a clip of "The Savage Bees" when Caziot gets stung by a hundred bees.

The clip begins when Caziot was trying to pull something out of the pond with a tractor and winch, Leonard Nimoy narrates:

"In the movie, "The Savage Bees", Dr. Norman Gary re-enacted an actual deadly bee attack."

Next clip shows Caziot swatting a bee on his neck, and the camera shows a dying bee as Nimoy narrates...

"The death of a single bee releases a chemical odor that drives a nearby swarm into a killing frenzy."

Then a few clips show the bees near Caziot and the tractor moving in for the stinging on Caziot. Then the bees begin to sting Caziot as he tries to get them off, but to no avail. Caziot then jumps into the pond trying to get them off, but the bees succeeded in sting his face and drowning.

After that, Dr. Norman Gary, who also plays Caziot, tells us that since the bee's escape near Sao Paolo in '57, they quickly migrate in South America, and gives us his theory that killer bees would reach North America by 1990.