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Variety article about Stallone and Rocky

I've always said the best line in all of Rocky is when Rocky says to Adrian when she sneaks into the ring after the fight "Where's your hat?" There's such a depth of meaning in those three little words. So, it makes me happy to see the following quote from the article linked below fits in perfectly with that. I wholeheartedly agree.

Stallone says his story, about a no-name club fighter in Philadelphia, isn’t about boxing. “It is really a metaphor for life,” he says. “This was a love story. He happens to box for a living, but the story is about his love for [his wife, Adrian Balboa, played by Talia Shire]. You root for the underdog, and he had something to fight for — her.”

Let's not mention that the writer of the article seems to be unaware that Adrian wasn't married to Rocky in the first movie which is the focus of this portion of the article. Oops, I just did mention it.

Other than this, the article has a lot of business talk about the movie and other things such as what Stallone is working on next.


This is why after Rocky2, the only sequel that gets anywhere near matching what the original was about is Rocky Balboa