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Everyone refers to the Poem Johnny wrote - Here it is

It took me forever to find it, but here it is with Joseph A. Walker's made up word: "mammy-tammys" (which your spell-checker goes crazy over)

"The River Niger
(by Joseph A. Walker)

"I am the River Niger--hear my waters!
I wriggle and stream and run.
I am totally flexible.
I am the River Niger--hear my waters!

"My waters are the first sperm of the world.
When the earth was but a faceless whistling embryo
Life burst from my liquid kernels like popcorn.
Hear my waters-rushing and popping in muffled finger drum staccato.
It is life you hear, stretching its limbs in my water.
I am the River Niger!
Hear my waters!

"When the earth mother cracked into continents I was vomited from the cold belly of the Atlantic To slip slyly into Africa from the underside of her brow.
--I see no
-- Hear no
-- Speak no evil,
But I know,
I gossip with the crocodile
And rub elbows with the river horse.
I have swapped morbid jokes with the Hyena
And heard his dry cackle at twilight.
--I see no
--Hear no
--Speak no evil,
But I know.
I am the River Niger--hear my waters!

"Hear, I say, hear my waters, man!
They is mammy-tammys, baby.
I have lapped at the pugnacious hips of brown mamas.
Have tapped at the doors of their honeydews, yeah!
I have shimmered like sequins As they suck me over their blueberry tongues, As they sung me to sleep in the glittering afternoon, yeah!
I have washed the wounds of red clay-decorated warriors, Bad, bad dudes who smirked at the leopard.
I have cast witches from gabbling babies, yeah!
Have known the warm piss from newly circumcised boys. Have purified the saliva from sun drenched lions
-- Do you hear me talking?
I am the River-Niger!
I came to the cloudy Mississippi Over keels of incomprehensible woe.
I ran way to the Henry Hudson Under sails of ragged hope.
I am the River Niger Transplanted to Harlem From the Harlem River Drive.
Hear me, my children--hear my waters!
I sleep in your veins.
-- I see no
-- Hear no
-- Speak no evil.
But I know, and I know that you know.
I flow to the ends of your spirit.
Hold hands, my children, and I will flow to the ends of the earth.
And the whole world will hear my waters.
I am the River Niger!
Don't deny me!
Do you hear me?,
Don't deny me.!
I am the River Niger!......." (by Joseph A. Walker)

There are no ordinary moments; there's never nothing going on


Thanks for this. A favourite film of mine.