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Episodes and Airdates of THE QUEST

IMDb does not list the episodes and airdates of this short-lived Tim Matheson / Kurt Russell series which ran for four months on NBC in 1976. Eleven programs were broadcast and at least four others were filmed but the series was cancelled before they could be scheduled to air. Here are the titles and airdates:

1 The Captive[90 Min Pilot] 22-Sep-76
2 The Buffalo Hunters 29-Sep-76
3 Shanklin 13-Oct-76
4 Day of Outrage 27-Oct-76
5 Seventy-Two Hours 3-Nov-76
6 Prairie Woman 10-Nov-76
7 Welcome to America, Jade Snow 24-Nov-76
8 The Longest Drive[Part 1] 1-Dec-76
9 The Longest Drive[Part 2] 8-Dec-76
10 Portrait of a Gunfighter 22-Dec-76
11 The Freight Train Rescue 29-Dec-76
12 The Last of the Mountain Men unaired
13 Dynasty of Evil unaired
14 The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts unaired
15 Incident at Drucker's Tavern unaired

There was a rumored 16th episode but I don't know the episode title.