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Wow - so much better remastered and 2.35:1

I formally thought this was a stinky mess when I watched it on my 'What it is, What it Was' 10 movie box set. Grainy Pan and Scan piece of poop.

After watching the new Director's edition from Code Red, I can't believe how much picture I've been missing. Not only was the P/S cropped on this sides, but the top and bottom were slightly cropped as well!

The director's cut adds about 10 minutes, and I'm glad to finally see it now, as some scenes were so abruptly cut in the P/S, it just didn't make sense to cut them, unless to get the movie under 1.5 hours. One scene in particular, is when Barrows is pointing 2 double barrel shotguns at 2 bad guys. Close ups of each gun are restored here, before any shots are taken. Simple, but makes the scene a lot cooler than the cut version.

The acting is half decent, with most of Williamson's lines being pretty cheesy.

The one storyline that seems just completely stupid is how Barrows falls in love with the character 'Nancy' (Jenny Sherman). He talks to her 2 or 3 times in person, with no communication between the two making you think there's any feelings there for the other. Nancy goes missing at one point, and Barrows 'can't stand around and wait anymore'...A cheap way to throw in a love storyline, but nothing leading up to it, and it was pointless.

The new DVD is definetely worth picking up if a Blax fan or a Williamson fan. Just seeing it cleaned up and in it's actual print ratio is pretty badazz. Williamson oozes 'cool' in several scenes, and the film/shoot looks like a bigger production than it actually is.

P.S. the music repeats itself alot throughout the movie, but that doesn't matter...when the music is orchestral funk.


Good review! I last saw this on BBC tv in London in '83 & could only remember bits, particularly the ending but this DVD is fabulous and the soundtrack real cool. Extras make it one unmissable package.