Saw it, Loved it!!!

I found this the other day at Half Priced Books and immediately bought it for I wanted to see for myself how bad this was? I've read how it was recut by AIP and then masscred by critics. Often I wondered if the movie needed to be reevalued by a 2008 movie goer and to see for myself if it was truely as horrible as it was reputated to be? Well the verdict is no, the critics were way too harsh on the movie. Liz and Ingrid couldn't give bad performances if they tried. They are so fun together and play off each other nicely. Liz has never looked better and you can tell a lot of love went into this picture with her being directed by her father Vincente Minnelli. The production design by Moore and Colasanti is first rate! This picture needs to be seen by today's audience and revived as an underrated piece of work.