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It's too bad more people aren't commenting on this one...

...back in high school, my buddy (who recently passed away.. Nothing but love for you, Will!) and I became specialists in "bad" movies... Every saturday night we would go out to our local video store and rent 4 movies we hadn't seen before...

We would then order some pizzas, and have a friday night marathon.

The most legendary film that we rented during these marathons was "Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary"..

We picked it up because it claimed to contain "REAL VAMPIRE RITUALS".. HA..

Our favourite scene is the one where 2 characters are walking down the beach, and in the background is a beached shark getting the holy hell kicked out of it by a bunch of mexicans. So random.


"You pronounce it like a native."


Damn! I want to see this movie. Although I live in México, it's nearly impossible to get it.

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