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Reminiscent of 'Under The Skin' (2014).

You know, the one with Scarlett Johansson weirdly hanging around in Glasgow as an extra-terrestrial stalker.

Go check it!


I also heavily wanted Glazer to shoot this movie.

-a vincent gallo fan-


Man is much better than Under the Skin.

The Under the Skin film also doesn't understand that the book is set in the Highlands not in bloody Glasgow. A very stupid change when you think of CCTV, witnessses etc.

It's not "Sci-Fi", it's SF!

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I liked both, but I agree, this was better. He also becomes rich and powerful and is a more interesting character with a higher developed purpose (even if it's just to get back home or to his own time), where Scarlett Johansson is really just one of many data collectors/harvesters./


That thought occurred to me at parts as well.


I like both films for different reasons.

There's something interesting about seeing Scarlet Johansson in such an incongruous setting.

(Here's a link to "Under The Skin" (2014) film, to aid anyone wanting to refer to it:



agree, Under The Skin was slightly better though

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