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Looking for a similar film/cartoon

Hi, I have been searching for an adaptation of the "Little Mermaid" I saw when I was younger. I don't know if this was the one or not. Could anyone help me?

It was a short cartoon, I think the animation was kind of.... anime or russian style? The character were'nt given names, but simply referred to as "the little mermaid", "the prince" etc.
I think the voices may have been dubbed over, I'm not sure.
Plotwise, it was more faithful to the original fairy tale than than just being Disney ripoff. I remember the Little Mermaid dying in the end, then going up to "heaven" in a kind of bubble. She tries to murder the prince with a knife, but is unable to do so. After that, she jumps into the sea and ends her own life.

It was on a VHS, which contained short stories from around the world. I also seem to remember a cartoon about some tigers in the jungle who churned themselves into butter O_o


Maybe it's this one. It was distributed by media Asia group and had live action scenes unrelated to the tale at the beggining and end of the film.

(parts of it)

(You can watch the whole thing here for a limited time.}


I think you're correct, I had this on VHS. Film starts off with live action documentary style footage of the place that the tale comes from and then move into animation, dubbed vox, and mermaid dies at the end turning into bubbles. Pretty tragic.