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Best thing about the movie (spoilers)

I have to say, that this movie is on of the greatest children movies ever, even though it is scary too.

1.) The actors are great: the little mermaid is played by Miroslava Safrankova, who was also Arabella (a very popular children Tv-show). Also there is Libuse Safrankova as the beautiful princess and later on wife of the prince, who is most popular as Cinderella in the BEST movie Tri orísky pro Popelku. All the other actors are playing greatly.

2.) The scenery is beautiful: how they made show the underworld of the ocean is amazing. Also how the people walk with their costumes look so stunning real. As I child I never doubted to existence of Poseidon and the little mermaid because of this movie!

3.) The story is awesome: compared to the Disney-copy, this one has so much more to give than just a stupid love-story and some animals singing with the mermaid. It is all about doing something you always dream about, even though people warn you as it is forbidden and it is in your hands to decide the future. of course there is the unfilled love of the mermaid, who wants to become human to marry the Prince after she rescued him. But it also shows deeply, how different the little mermaid was straight from the beginning compared to her sisters and family. There are so many great scenes: the scary witch sending fire to anyone coming to close to her home, the dead mother being white standing in a shrine, all the people's greeting while they arrive.

4.) Music: I love the soundtrack and how they dance to it under the water.

Anyone agrees with me? What do you like most about this movie?



As much as I usually prefer the original books over the movies, here I appreciated most the non-Andersen parts. Like almost mythological background about Mermaid's mother and the final choice - to kill the prince and live or not to kill him and die AND the prince will die anyway too.

Plus, of course, all the reasons stated above :)

I never had the guts to watch the Disney version, though... and I don't regret it...


This movie has some magic. It was a surprise realizing the sea-people have legs, but it was a brilliant choice to avoid any fake plastic fishtail.
What I love the most was the sea world, with the dominant blue and all he shades of colors from green to blue, and all the foreheads made up in colors. Very pleasant to see.
I love the ending, of course, this is how the story goes.
Maybe the film is simple and quite naif (some scene in reverse as special effect, for example), but the actors did a good job and this movie is catchy.
Beautiful songs and soundtrack, too.
The only thing I quite hated is he close-up of the "mother": too clearly it was a mannequin... what a pity, the wide shot with the white woman in the blue was gorgeous.