I liked this movie

I was flipping channels today saw this movie with David G.(I won't even attempted to spell it) and I remember him from Walkabout & Crocdile Dundee and wanted to see what he looked like again. I was right, he looked the same. Dennis was an extra bonus. I only caught the last 30-40 mins of the movie(hope it comes back on) but what I saw I liked. I even read some post on here about how bad the scene was where the woman says how Morgan undressed her with his eyes and how he wanted to do things to her etc. The way I look at a movie is how real it seems and what that woman said I could actually see a woman saying that. Someone who wanted attention and who was full of herself. Real human life isn't perfectly acted or spoken and she seemed like a real person looking like an idiot by what she said. David was wondeful as always. I loved Dennis and his accent. Dennis made me feel sorry for him as the real Morgan did the poor people around him. Some killers have the knack of getting people to pity them, like Bonnie & Clyde, Jesse James and Dan Morgan. People look at their circumstances and feel a real kinship for the down fallen. People always root for the underdog. Dennis did a good job conveying this appeal. Anyway, good movie, worth watching.


It's David Gulpilil and he's still in the acting business, starring in a new vehicle called Charlie's Country (I think).

The last 30 - 40 minutes is the best IMO because things flow a little better. The first two - thirds of the film has some rather odd, abrupt transitions and features a terrible soundtrack and some horribly stagey performances from actors who should have known better.

It's a kind of quaintly interesting film, but one that IMO very readily shows its age and shortcomings.