No harmony in this movie

Some gore, some pseudo-scientific explanations given by a very serious doctor who does not hesitate to touch one of his patient nymphomaniac female's breast, a frog-faced italian father who loves tenderly his daughter, at the end she is raped by very bad boys, and her nice boyfriend is savagely killed by those thugs, but why is Daniela's revenge so light?
Deserve to be watched, you will laugh and you will feel empathy for this poor disturbed girl.


I' not sure is Daniela's revenge so light. I mean, c'mon, she literally smashes two of those thugs and burns one.

One of the tackiest scene is btw when it first looks like Daniela is about to kill her new boyfriend with a handgun and boyfriend falls from the tower. Then we discover the obvious that boyfriend was only performing a stunt, that he does for living. In the next scene Daniela and her stunt boyfriend are running on the beach at sunset. WTF that was so tacky and not even in a good way.

Still I liked this film, I think we see at least four pairs of titties :P


I don't like Daniela, she is a sadistic killer of innocent people, so I really had no sympathy for her when the thugs raped her. That was karma.

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