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Chris Sarandon Speaks1

Actor Chris Sarandon appeared on the Internet radio show Back by Midnight for a 30-minute interview in conjunction with the recent release of The nightmare Before Christmas: Collector's Edition.

Here's the lnik:

He also spoke about his experiences making Lipstick, Fright Night, and Child's Play.

I hope you enjoy the itnerview and make Back By Midnight regular listening.

Aaron Aradillas
Back By Midnight;


Hi Aaron,

You might get a laugh if you saw the movie that brought me here.
A post there made me remember this movie, God I feel old now...

I'll (for once) give the benefit of the doubt, (here at IMDb this is special) and assume you are who you say you are.

I'm on my way to bed, but after work tomorrow I'll d/l watch that vid, I'm curious.
I speak out against child abuse, but I am also against the death penalty and vigilante justice.

But I saw Lipstick, as neither.

I won't post spoilers, but the ending was as I think it should have been.
It's dated, but for the time I think it was excellently done, although I could have done with a little less of the goofy sci-fi weirdo music, lol.

It (the "music") did manage to show he was rather(duh?) mentally unstable though.

I look forward to seeing what he has to say about it.
I thought the movie was awesome.


I AM for Death penalty. Rats like Charles Manson and his gang should have been executed a long time ago. The State wouldn't have to pay to keep these criminals alive in prison. I call this JUSTICE. And the fact that they haven't paid for their evil crimes is just a pure mockery of Justice. Can't believe that this Susan Atkins got a baby when she killed with Fury a nine months pregnant Sharon Tate begging her in vain to let her baby and her live!! They have blood on their souls. All of them. Kharma will get them back. Here or in their next lives.


Thanks for sharing your views on the death penalty. People love to come to a board for a fictional film and learn where total strangers stand on hot-button issues. Now, could you share with us your views on abortion, gay marriage, the West Bank standoff and the current crop of "American Idol" competitors?


Actually, it was Tex Watson who initiated the killings. Charles Manson got stuck with the sadistic image because of the media circus. Trial by media made him the iconoclastic patriarch of a murderous, drug-induced, clan of hippies. He never killed anybody and he wasn't there. He never told them to kill anybody. He told them to do "something witchy." That can be interpreted in different ways. It's an interesting story if you read the real information on the subject, not the websites that discuss the story superficially, created by those who know nothing of the actual account and all of its factual details.

I apologize for going off subject, but since you brought it up and it is fascinating to see just how "unscary" Manson really is, I thought I'd mention it.


Yeah, and Manson was so upset with that Tex and the others did, he sent them out the next night to do it again. After tying up the victims. I didn't realize there were any members of the Manson Family still walking around, but I forgot that Squeaky got released not so long ago. Is that you, Squeaky?


"Hard Candy" would make a great double bill with "Lipstick" for women, as well as men with strong stomachs (and testicles). As someone whose gender and position on the death penalty shall remain anonymous, I have to say I much prefer "Lipstick."

"Lipstick" is a piece of exploitive trash, but what an entertaining piece it was! As for "Hard Candy," it's merely trash, not entertainment. It seemed needlessly gratuitious, and I was glad when it was finally over. And lest you accuse me of going easy on those who prey on children, I must point out that the male lead in that film did not actually prey on his target but rather "only" intended to.


Cool! Someone that has seen BOTH movies.


I would not accuse you of such a thing as you state above, you have given me no reason to.
But, Hayley was only his latest (and last) target.
He took part in the murder of Donna Mauer, and that makes *succeeding* with preying on Hayley rather irrelevant.
She was never his prey anyway, he was hers.


I stand corrected! I must admit that it's been years since I've seen "Hard Candy," and all I remember is the extreme violence. But now that I've Wiki'd up on the film (not necessarily the best source, but probably fairly reliable for a piece of fiction), I'm reminded that Jeff admitted to plenty of past abuses, including a role in the killing of the girl you mention.

So the fact that Patrick Wilson's character was guilty of more than predatory intentions puts a different spin on Hayley's actions, and the fact that all I remember about "Hard Candy" are the ice cubes and the surgical instruments is a reminder that "Lipstick" is a more effective film, at least to me.


Well, I can agree that Hard Candy wasn't perfect. I know the part that pissed me off the most was that we never found out the relationship between Hayley and Donna, were they sisters, friends? There had to have been something there, or Hayley wouldn't have had a way to learn about Jeff and Aaron.

Some things just shouldn't have been left so ambiguous.

For those who have not seen it yet, Lipstick spoilers below!!!!

I loved the ending!

I cheered during the scene in the courtroom, her lawyer said something like:
"Justice failed this woman the last time, please do not let justice fail her again."
Then they set her free.
And I hollered, YES!




I don't know how he could take the part, knowing he was going to get brutally shot in it.