RIP: Writer John Berger dies at 90

John Berger, writer, painter and British art critic dies

The writer, painter, essayist and poet John Berger died Monday at age 90, as confirmed by the literary director of Alfaguara, Maria Fasce, El Pais, after talking to a granddaughter of author in France, who said: "Il est parti " (It is gone). Among his best known works are G. , winner of the prestigious Booker Prize in 1972 and the trial introduction to art criticism, Ways of Seeing , considered a basic reference text for the history of art. Berger was also a poet, film, playwright , screenwriter and also collaborator of El País . The newspaper The Guardian as recently defined as "one of the most influential writers of his generation."

The author was born in London in 1926. The notebook Bento, Hoping between teeth, always welcome, The Seventh Man , Towards wedding and once in Europe are some of his most famous works. And Alfaguara published a few months ago Rondo for Beverly, a tribute to the author wrote with his son Yves for his wife, who died in 2013. In July 2006, he wrote an article entitled In Defense of the Palestinian people, along with Noam Chomsky, Harold Pinter and José Saramago.

"Silence does not lie" asserted in an interview with Babelia , last November. "When I am writing a book everything that happens is, in one way or another, touched by my life at that moment. But when I finish the book, buah, I forget, I delete it from my mind to make room for another story, "he added.

"I write every page three or four times, changing words to try to reach the precision of logic and thinking that the reader can grasp. Because we live in a world surrounded by words, blah, blah, blah ... If someone wants to know what I have said of everything, going to the books , "he explained in the same interview.