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Brilliant......ther e may be spoilers here

An absolutely brilliant film. I almost found myself clapping when it ended and I was watching it all alone at that time.

The topics of intense competition amongst students and ridiculous job interviews are a reality that people of my generation have grown up with. No wonder there is still such a high suicide rate amongst students in India.

And then the movie takes an unexpected turn into the dark side of the city that people live in and the dissonance it creates when people out of it are exposed and eventually immunised to it (although the latter is not shown but can be assumed to follow from the chain of events).

It is one of the rare Ray films that you thoroughly enjoy. It has reality, depression, dark humour and excellent acting like all Ray movies do. It had me transfixed right till the end.

Its too bad people are not aware of your movies, Ray, but in a perverse way I'm glad.


This film is maligned from Ray fans that I talk to. I don’t understand.
This is the film by him I most admire. Not just because it his most forthright and most direct but more: the way he captures the sound of the city and adulthood; and not just the sound of any adulthood or any city: but Calcutta!