Excellent movie

East German sci fi! what a treat. Very good film, now available on Netflix.


good movie but I wouldn't call it excellent, but very "unique" and kind of odd (in a good way)

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


It's one of the movies where you ask "What were they thinking?" It's full of odd motifs - I just don't see how East Germany came up with this. The spaceship crew has this disco-ABBA kind of look and the "bad guys" have a sort of Village People look. The dancers wear skimpy outfits under sheer skirts - then there are the heads - perhaps inspired by Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast (1946)
But the central character, Akala still manages to be a compelling character - she's a female Captain Kirk.

And you've got to love some of the flimsy sets - the crew acting like they're in hypersleep - yeah, they closed their eyes for a moment - they step out of their spaceship and immediately take their helmets off - I guess they wanted the crew to have their helmets on for the trailer...

There's nothing political in the plot so far as I am concerned. Ridley Scott's Alien had more of an anti-big-business theme.