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Camels In The Old West

That was a great idea. Camels would be more ideal to travel by in the scorching desert compared to horses and oxen. This was actually based on a true story. Too bad the experiment never gained any ground afterwards - the American Civil War put a halt to it.

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Having just finished Noble Brutes: Camels on the American Frontier, by Eva Jolene Boyd, I've actually thought some about this in the past few days, and I think the lack of Army support had as much to do with the basic conservatism of the Military toward any change -- look how long it took them to make the Air Force independent, and tanks took a long time to be appreciated, too. And how long it took the Navy to recognize the value of aircraft carriers and submarines.

The Camel Corps deserved better in history -- and a better movie, too!

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I think the outbreak of the civil war was what ultimately put the kibosh on the whole thing. Not that it wasn't a fine idea, but there were bigger fish to fry at the time. The real shame is that the camel corps wasn't revived after the south surrendered, though like you said the brass was kinda wishy washy about it in the first place.

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Wow! There's actually two people on this old dusty board at the same time. I found this VHS tape at a thrift store for a buck. I actually bought it for the Benji feature that is on it. This movie is terrible.