Read the book

An excellent book on this subject---The Last Camel Charge by Forrest Bryant Johnson. Provides a fascinating tale as well as an education about camels.

I did see the movie on an airplane (to where I forget)--the movie was not funny and poorly edited--the boom mike was visible as one example. Well, it was free and I was a "captive" audience!!!


Another good book is Eva Jolene Boyd's Noble Brutes: Camels on the American Frontier (1994). I'll look up The Last Camel Charge!

--If they move, kill em!


The film is supposed to be wide screen. I saw it in the theatre when it was first released, and there were no boom mic issues. The image was clear, you could actually read the preamble at the begining of the film, and the jokes and dialogue made sense.

When you have a blurred image and poor soundtrack, the film loses it's punch.

I'm sorry Joe Camp couldn't get a better distributor.