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So I watched this last night for the first time in 27 odd years...

It was on Netflix, and the voices sounded so wrong. But in any case....this story does not hold up under my now more scrutinizing eyes.

I have a couple of questions that go unanswered.

1) Why did the Smurfs make the original "dangerous" flute in the first place, one that they could not play? It was too big for them, but it just so happened to be big enough to fit the hands of a human. How exactly does the flute make people dance, and for what purpose? Home defense?

2) Seems like an awful waste of a big magnificent tree to make a small "dangerous" flute that they could not use or play.

3) How did the Smurfs lose possession of the flute in the first place? Was it stolen? Was it lost?


Yeah, I also hadn't seen it since the early 80s, and it was painful. My 5 year old does not seem likely to ask to see it again, either

Death to shakeycam directors!