A beneficial mistake

This film migrated to the top of my Netflix queue--I don't recall listing it-- and I was under the misapprehension that it was a recent French drama about WWII and thus had to replay the beginning again to try to make sense of it. Then I decided to just watch the film on its own terms which is a real luxury these days. How often do you get to see something with next-to-no preconceived notions?

I've heard the term "Junkers" but never knew what it meant nor the history of the Baltic states between the wars until later (thank you reviewer trpdean). I didn't even realise it was filmed in 1976 until I saw the (fairly recent) extras interview with the actress afterwards and heh?!

Truthfully, if I'd known more about it ahead of time, I probably would not have rented this. On the other hand, the reason I did continue to watch, once I realised my mistake, was those opening scenes... the two men running with the horse, shooting the flare and illuminating the chateau, auntie being carried down the stairs... The whole under-siege atmosphere sketched out during the opening credits! That was well done.