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Worst adaptation --- SPOILERS!!!

I just finished the book. I always thought the movie was good, but it had very little to do with what went on in the book.

Drum willingly (at least he did not fight him off) had sex with DeMarigny. He felt he owed him for getting Calinda for him and he also felt he could not say no to a white man.

Rachel wasn't murdered. She died from some kind of sickness that swept through New Orleans.

Drum never met Hammond Maxwell and never saw Falconhurst. Drum was dead long before Hammond came to New Orleans and purchased his son, Drumson, from his grandmother (Drum's mother). Blaise killed Drum during a fight after Drum caught him sleeping with Calinda.

Blaise also never saw Falconhurst. He never left New Orleans.

Alix was well into her 70's when Hammond came to the brothel looking for someone to raise Sophie.

Lots of other differences between the book and the movie. Both were good -- just two different stories.