Bette Davis vs. Faye Dunaway

Watch this YouTube clip of Bette Davis appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to see what she thought of working with Faye Dunaway. Fast foward to 9:50 to see what she says about Faye:


I just found this anonymous post on Data Lounge:

I seem to recall a pre-Mommie Dearest interview with Bette, where she slammed Faye for being completely unprofessional on the set of "The Disappearance of Aimee." In either the same interview or a different one, she praised Joan for always being professional despite their on set clashes. Bette, I believe, had more respect for Joan than for Faye and would've happily worked again with the former than the latter.

James Woods, who co-starred with Bette and Faye on "Aimee," singled out Faye in a 1979 People magazine interview as the most unpleasant person he had ever worked with.

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